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Ropeway operation hours for today2024/06/16

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Current Status of Mt.USU

Current Weather Conditions at Summit Station.

June 15, 2024 12:00 pm

Weather Sunny
Temperature 19℃
Wind Speed 4m/s

Approximate time required

1 Ropeway + Lake Toya Observation Deck Approximate time required 40
2 Ropeway + Lake Toya Observation Deck and Usu Crater Basin Observation Deck Approximate time required 60


Fares (incl. consumption tax)

Regular (round trip, including tax)
Individual Adult
(junior high schooler or older)
1,800 yen
(elementary schooler)
900 yen

Other Fares

Group fare for at least 15 persons (round trip, including tax)
Group General Adult 1,620 yen
Child 810 yen
High school 1,260 yen
Junior high school 1,080 yen
Elementary school 630 yen
Special discount fare (round trip, including tax)
The discount applies to handicapped persons with an ID Adult 900 yen
Child 450 yen



The ever-changing earth

The landscape of Toya Caldera and Usu Volcano Global Geopark changes every dozens years, resulting the ever-changing sceneries available in the area which makes the geopark a perfect place for appreciating the beauty of changing earth shaped by volcano eruptions.

Co-existing with the volcano

Although disasters have been brought by the volcano eruptions of Mount Usu for a long period, we learnt to co-exist with the volcano as we struggled. Through making predictions on the next eruption, we lower the damage done by the eruption to its smallest and enjoy beautiful sceneries, fruitful agricultural products as well as hots springs granted by Mount Usu.

The history of the ever-changing earth
〜4 eruptions from Mount Usu in the 20th century〜


The formation of Meiji-shinzan after eruption from the base of the mountain with 45 craters. Toya hot spring was found after the eruption.
Photo:Mimatus Masao Memorial Hall


The formation of Shōwa-shinzan after eruption from the base of the mountain as the wheat field was being pushed up.
Photo:Mimatus Masao Memorial Hall


Much damage was done by the eruption from the peak as the volcanic smoke reached the height of 12,000m. Usu-shinzan was formed after the upheaval of the river mouth on the peak.


Erupted from the base of mountain near to the Toya hot spring. There were no casualties as evacuation were done before the eruption which was predicted beforehand.
Photo:Japan Ground Self-Defense Force

Blessings from the volcano

at Kazan-mura(“volcano village”)

Information on resting, dining, shopping

Resting, dining, shopping
After seeing the sights, come for fun and fine flavors to Kazan-mura (“volcano village”) at the Sanroku Gondola Station.

Food & Beverage

Dining Funkatei

Opening Hours10:30 – 14:30

Cafe Mt.USU

Opening Hours9:00 – 16:00

Village Shopping

Hinokuniya Honpo

Opening Hours8:15 – 17:45

Information on the learning facilities at Kazan-mura (“volcano village”)

Tourists can study the eruption of Mt. Usu while enjoying the view from the gondola lift.

Volcano Village Information Center

“Toya Usu Volcano Geopark Village Information Center”, locating in “Volcano Village” in Mount Usu Ropeway sanroku station, provides information on what to explore in the Geopark including Mount Usu and its charm point. It may not be available if seminars are held in the center.

Eruption experience room

The eruption room recreates the experience of an eruption through sounds and images. Please feel free to enter and feel magma welling up from deep underground in times of eruption. (free of charge)

Disaster prevention summit Theater

Important figures who are involved in the history of the eruption of Mount Usu are put under the spotlight as we introduce initiatives for disaster mitigation.

Panels The Story of the Mt. Usu Eruption

Panels displaying the story of the Mt. Usu eruption are exhibited so that visitors can easily understand volcanism and the history of this mountain’s eruptions.
Panels are also installed at the Usuzan Sancho Gondola Station


Location 184-5 Aza Showa Shinzan, Sobetsu-cho, Usu-gun, Hokkaido, Japan 052-0102
Business hours 8AM – 6PM (subject to change seasonally)
>> Timetable and fares
Access by car 15 min. from Date Interchange on the Do-oh Expressway to Mt. Showa Shinzan by car.
321 433 349*17
Parking (capacity) Buses: 40 Cars: 400
Parking fee Buses: 2,000 yen a day Cars: 500 yen a day
Inquiries by phone

Phone: +81-(0)142-75-2401

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Asahidake Ropeway

Cote Asahikawa Country Club